Monday, January 27, 2020

Blue and White Outdoors

Mark D. Sikes

This beautiful blue and white outdoor living space belonging to Mark D. Sikes features lots of blue and white Chinese porcelain. Here are more shots below. Don't have any concern about using your blue and white Chinese porcelain outdoors - I have been using blue and white Chinese garden stools in my garden for decades with no deterioration at all. That stuff is made to last! I picked up a new piece of furniture for the lanai at Ballard Designs in Tampa yesterday, but after two wonderful rum distillery tours and tastings, I was not motivated to unpack it, so I will post about it tomorrow. I love Mark's use of blue and white Chinese porcelain containers for topiaries as well. Although English boxwood does not grow well in South Florida, Eugenia does beautifully here with the same look. I planted two huge Eugenia topiaries in the garden here and they are doing great.

1 comment:

  1. It's lovely. I don't have any blue and white outside yet. I was always afraid of it fading but will give it a try.