Thursday, January 19, 2017


One Kings Lane
I have always loved symmetry and had to keep looking at the number of matching pairs in this room -
including the chairs, pillows, lamps, art, side tables, chests, and roman shades.

I do love the color palette - pink and green, the soft blue/gray walls, the green Chinese chests, the pop of the red Chinese gourd lamps, and the roman shades banded in navy blue.

Symmetry can make a room look more formal and finished, but are there too many pairs? What do you think?


  1. Yes- the effect is one of staging gone overboard. What I would know though- since there are no lamps near the chairs, how does one read?

  2. Symmetry = good. Love the balance. It makes me happy.

  3. No. I love the symmetry of this space! Delores, there very well could be a comfy chair on the other side of the room with a lamp for reading and a perfect view of this beautifully balanced area.