Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Inspiration

Concerned about the price and portability of doing an entire room in hand painted silk Chinoiserie wallpaper? A framed panel solves both problems so effortlessly and elegantly. I also adore the lavender and yellow color palette of this room.

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  1. Lovely panel! I wanted to do one of these in my bedroom but couldn't find good options despite spending a lot of time searching. I thought about getting a single roll of custom wallpaper from Griffin and Wong but then would have had to deal with framing and sizing and such. I ended up buying some handpainted wooden chinoiserie panels from Horchow that are lovely. They seem to be out of the coral that I got but have some turquoise ones still. I posted a picture of my room on Facebook and someone immediately said they looked like DeGournay. So glad she appreciated the look I was emulating!