Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Introducing The Chinoiserie Chic Collection

I have been keeping this secret for over a year, and I can finally share my exciting news with all of you. Walmart approached me with the idea of doing a Chinoiserie Chic line of products for them. I could not have been more flattered or more excited to bring my love for Chinoiserie to a wider audience. First Nate Berkus for Target, then Jonathan Adler for JCPenney, now Chinoiserie Chic for Walmart. I have been working very hard on my collection for the past year.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the pieces soon to be available in stores and online. These are limited edition and sure to go fast. I know you will find something you love. Look for this logo above on all the products in the Chinoiserie Chic Collection.

Foo Dog Candles

Forever Orchids

Stuffed Foo Dog

Laughing Buddha

Chinese Lantern Wallpaper Border

Asian Heads Fabric

Panda Statue

Canvas Art

Decorative Wall Fan

Palm Tapestry

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Sculpture

Understated Elegance Garden Stool

Chinoiserie Toilet Paper Holder

Chinoiserie Faux Tiffany Lamp

Faux Bamboo

Banana Leaf Recliner

Faux Bamboo Toilet Seat

Foo Dog Doll

Chinoiserie Tailgating

Chinoiserie Nail Art

Chinoiserie Napkins Rings

Pagoda Shower Curtain

April Fools!


  1. Too funny! It took this old brain all the way down to the toilet seat to figure things out! LOL!

    Linda D.

  2. Whew! I was searching for words, haha! Especially loved the foo dog stuffed toy!

  3. Laughing out loud by the time I got to the stuffed foo dog. Chinoiserie tailgating was my favorite. Very creative! Leslie

  4. You almost had me there until I realized that today is April 1!

  5. When I read the announcement was coming Tuesday, I knew you were up to no good deliciousness! Happy April 1. And be careful what you ask for!!!

  6. Lol! Thank God. I was starting to wonder but you totally had me. Well played.

  7. had me fooled!With each item I viewed I kept thinking something has gone terribly wrong in Beth's life!Ha ha

  8. Giirrrrllllll, you almost had me!! Good one! :)

  9. Too funny, what was really funny was I actually wanted a couple of those items!

  10. LOL!!!! That was awesome! Love the tattoo lady and the stuffed foo dag would give my kids nightmares! Hahaha, still laughing over here! Good luck tmrw...so excited!!!

  11. OMG! I was getting more and more scared, and then when I reached the naked lady wall art, I about fell out of my chair! Hilarious!

  12. Don't you think that faux bamboo toilet seat would be fab in our powder room? ;) You are hilarious!!

    The Glam Pad

  13. What a hoot! Just about to click off and thought, wait a minute here...

  14. You totally had me! What a great way to begin April!
    Very clever

  15. I knew it was a lie the second I saw Walmart. I wish you hadn't included the April Fools' Day card at the bottom so that I could read the interesting comments you would have received : )

  16. I was starting to have some serious doubts about you at the tapestry and tats. Then I saw the toliet seat cover...duh, April fools! You got me :)

  17. Oh thank goodness... You scared me for a moment!

  18. You totally had me going....and I was very concerned! Good one!!!

  19. LOL _ I think I may be the only one who liked some of these items (ex Chine Blanc tribute to "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo").

  20. but the nail art is SO pretty- well glad we are saved from venturing into the Walmart!

  21. Hahaha you got me with the first paragraph, but I knew at the foo dog candles no way you were serious.

  22. OMG! you had me! Must say I was thrown with the stuffed foo dog. LMFAO!

  23. OMG BETH! I was scrolling through thinking oh hell no, that's the tackiest stuff I've ever seen. The Asian tattoo sculpture? Lmao!

  24. You totally had me! I. Was. Speechless. Phew!

  25. Well done Beth! You totally had me fooled. I'm thinking .....really? How could she put her name to this tat!!
    Hilarious & in good spirit