Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Amazing Framed Chinoiserie Panels for Peanuts

Caspari Monkey Business

I love framing gorgeous wrapping paper for easy and budget friendly DIY art. My daughter Kate and I framed three gorgeous Chinoiserie wrapping papers from Paper Source for her apartment.

But this new wrapping paper from Caspari by my friend Harrison Howard is not to be missed.

Step One - Pop over to Caspari and buy this Harrison Howard "Monkey Business" wrapping paper for $6.50 for two sheets each measuring 40" by 28."

Step Two - Find a pair of frames at Ikea, Michael's, a thrift store, or wherever you like and frame. This Ikea Ribba measures 27 1/2 by 39 1/4 without the mat. Almost perfect and it comes in lots of finishes. It's $24.99.

Step Three - Admire your pair of framed Chinoiserie panels for about $60.00.

Ikea Ribba

Here are a couple more Caspari Chinoiserie wrapping papers that would also be amazing framed. These both come in 5' rolls and would lend themselves to a large framed panel. If you would like to use these papers for wrapping gifts, that's fine too.

Coral Chinoiserie Toile

Lavender Chinoiserie Toile


  1. Brilliant idea! That Caspari wrapping paper is fabulous, and I think I might have just the spot for it. I'd love to see how it looks in Kate's apartment. Thank you for the tip!!

    The Glam Pad

  2. Love this idea for such affordable art! I'm definitely going to order some of that paper ASAP!

  3. This is BRILLIANT! What a great idea!