Wednesday, January 22, 2014

But I Don't Want a CFL in My Faux Bamboo Chandelier!

The Little Black Door
There are lots of articles in the press lately on the topic of light bulbs as the phase out of incandescents is now in full swing. Here is my two cents on the subject of light bulbs. I am not a fan of CFLs. I don't find them flattering to rooms or to people. Luckily, I don't really need to use them anywhere in my home, despite the new law.

I posted on Monday about how I use pink 3-way bulbs in all of my lamps. Colored bulbs are not covered by the law, nor are 3-way, so these are safe from the phase out.

Lately I am been really getting into using these round chandelier bulbs in my own home and in clients' homes. I think they look amazing in these vintage faux bamboo chandeliers and in painted brass chandeliers. A great way to update a lighting fixture for a few dollars. Candelabra/chandelier bulbs are not covered by the law.

They are available in clear and in white in various wattages.

Before you start hoarding incandescent light bulbs, check out this list of light bulbs that aren't covered. Since colored bulbs, 3-way bulbs, candelabra bulbs, and specialty bulbs are not being phased out in incandescents, I am just fine.

Exceptions to the law -
*Specialty bulbs
*Reflector bulbs
*3-way bulbs
*Candelabra bulbs
*Shatter-resistant bulbs
*Vibration service bulbs
*Rough service bulbs
*Colored bulbs
*Bug lights
*Plant lights


  1. Great post, great information! Thank you.

  2. i am with you! CFL's are HORRIBLE!!!

  3. Everyone needs to take a breath. I have those round ones too and love them. I could go into a long 'supply and demand' speech.... the LED's are coming into the design world with better patient.


  4. Linda: I don't want to take a breath. I want to be the decider on what light bulbs I'll use.

    Give me incandescents (and liberty) or give me death! And send those silly nanny types away!


  5. I don't want to take a breath, I want to be the decider on which light bulbs I'll use.

    Send the silly nanny-types away.

  6. Please see this report from German TV (in English) about the toxic light the low energy bulbs emit:

    Talked to someone working at a lighting store and she said people were getting headaches like never before. Plus on the Vermont State website about environmental hazards, they recommend you CUT OUT THE CARPET when one of them breaks.

    Our cat was under one for two years straight and now takes thyroid medication twice a day. Bulbs leach mercury only by being on. See the report.

    Also, there is someone manufacturing incandescent bulbs in the states: he found a loophole. Sorry - don't have the name of the company but you'll find it online....and be saved!

  7. HI Beth.. Happy New Year to you!

    Clever post... and yes in the future CFL's will be much more user friendly I am told! meantime great post for workarounds. I'd love to know the name of the person making incandescents still...

    all best to you


  8. So good to know, Beth! I came home with bags and bags of candelabra bulbs the other day, and my husband just looked at me like I was nuts. I was having unpleasant visions of those funky-looking curly bulbs in our chandeliers... Sounds like maybe I over-reacted, whew!!

    The Glam Pad