Tuesday, January 21, 2014

iMac - A Thing of Beauty

Tomorrow I am off to the Apple store to replace my old iMac with, of course, a new iMac. I thought it would be fun to see some chic work spaces with this stylish and iconic computer. We start with the chicest office of them all belonging to J.Crew's Jenna Lyons. Note how many of these spaces have Chinoiserie - Chinese Chippendale chairs, pagoda lamps, gourd lamps, Chinese screens - Apple and Chinoiserie are a great combination. Accessorize with fresh flowers, a Baies candle, and a sheepskin draped over your desk chair.

To me the iMac is the most beautiful computer in the world, inside and out.


  1. The one in most of these images is what I have and I can't imaging having anything else! These photos are fantastic!

  2. I've been a Mac girl (often the only one in the office when I was working) from the days of B&W smallest screen. They still amaze me. Being a word girl, I've loved from the git go that you could name your computer. My first was Eve and now my biggest, baddest, fastest Mac is Lilith. We've grown up together! I started working on my local newspaper when it was hot type, headlines set one letter at a time. I feel I personally have gone from Guttenberg to the Galaxy. I know some prefer the laptop or tablet for most of their work. But I'll never give up on The Girls!

  3. Hello
    Any chance you know whose wallpaper is in the photo with the wide black and white horizontal stripe curtains?
    Thanks !

  4. Thanks for including my office in your Ode to iMacs. I love my 27" and I don't now how people survive working in the design industry on laptops alone!!! It's a must have for designers and for blind people which I am as well.

  5. Thank you for including my spotted office. I love my 27" iMac. I've never understood anyone who designs from just a laptop. I adore my iMac. I'm blind too so that's a bonus.