Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Room Challenge - The Laundry Room

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Welcome to the launch of the newest edition of the One Room Challenge. For those of you new to this blogosphere sensation, Linda of Calling It Home is the creator of the One Room Challenge, or the ORC. In this semiannual event, Linda invites 20 interior designers, interior design bloggers, and DIY bloggers to redo a room in 6 weeks with weekly post updates each Wednesday. This is my third One Room Challenge and I am so happy to have been asked again. I have chosen my laundry room, a truly ghastly room that even my dog avoids.

A few months ago there was a Pinterest contest called "Laundry by Design" to win a laundry room design by Hillary Thomas. I didn't want to enter and win the contest, but it did motivate me to create a Pinterest board here to start my creative juices flowing on the one awful room in my house, the laundry room. I created these inspiration boards built around an iconic wallpaper I have always wanted to use in my laundry room called "Ironing Bored" by Brunschwig & Fils. It has always been the "it" paper in laundry rooms in Palm Beach estates. It was actually discontinued and then brought back thankfully.

The good news about my laundry room is that it is HUGE - over 250 square feet. The bad news is that it was the garage before the previous owners added a large new brick garage and brick garden shed to the house. The old garage was then converted to a laundry room and "finished" most likely by the homeowners themselves, and it is VERY bare bones with an ancient washer and dryer - over 30 years old, horrible cabinets, and very rough walls and ceiling. I have just ignored the room since we moved in, hoping it might be magically transformed while I slept. Over the years it has become the dumping ground for all unwanted things in my house.

These four inspiration boards are my fantasy laundry rooms, all using the same Brunschwig & Fils wallpaper and lots of Chinoiserie. None are exactly my current plan for my One Room Challenge laundry room makeover, but each has elements in it you will be seeing in my room as it unfolds.

I had two New Year's resolutions for 2013 - to redo the powder room off the laundry room and to redo the laundry room.

I did the powder room for the last One Room Challenge - you can see the reveal here. To see both my previous One Room Challenge rooms - my kitchen and my powder room from start to finish, you can click on the links in my sidebar.

Powder Room Reveal

So by doing the laundry room for this ORC, I will have actually accomplished both of my resolutions for 2013!!!!! I can't believe it.

Given the large size of the laundry room, I would love it to be a multi-use hub for me to do laundry, ironing, sewing, flower arranging, gift wrapping, crafts, washing the dog, even playing on my iPad or catching up on paperwork. It will also be a mud room as this is the way the family enters the house from the garage.

These two Chinoiserie laundry rooms are an inspiration to me -

I saw this laundry room above by Draza Stamenich at the Washington DC Design House in the spring of 2009 and have never forgottten how impressed I was. Who would have thought of using Gracie Chinoiserie wallpaper, a Niermann Weeks lantern, and garden antiques in an itsy bitsy laundry nook? It was the smallest room in the house, and the only room I remember.

The "laundry lounge" below from this past Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Decorators' Show House 2013 is by Loren Audrey Taylor. Like the laundry room above, it has luxe details VERY rarely seen in a laundry room.  She brought in blue and white Chinese porcelain as well as high end furniture, lighting, and fabrics.

Both these rooms are from show houses. I would like to create a stunning REAL laundry room in a REAL house - mine. Here is my laundry room now - this is after a month of cleaning out many years of junk. I couldn't bear to show you that!

I have made the command decision that I am keeping the cabinets and the flooring. While neither would have been my first choice, I know I can make them both work and save thousands of dollars by not gutting the room and starting over. I think that this very dramatic wallpaper will distract the eye from the fact that the room has nothing going for it architecturally. This will be a challenge though, right?

Since the wallpaper I plan to use is very bold with a huge repeat and my floor is a very bold black and white tile, I have made these decisions so far -

*An entirely blue and white color scheme. There will be enough going on in the room with the dramatic wallpaper and flooring. I also love blue and white rooms and blue and white seems like such a natural for a laundry room. So clean and fresh and bright.

*Lots of blue and white Chinese porcelain, mostly from my own collection.

*Keep the existing cabinets that are wonderful for storage and hope that lots of good paint makes them more presentable.

My goals are -

1. Paint the cabinets, ceiling, and trim Benjamin Moore Aura Decorators White. This is my go-to white. I love this white for ceilings and trim. Not yellowy, not cold or blue, it is warm and and modern and works in any light with any color.

2. New lighting to replace the existing florescent tubes. As much as I would have liked to use lantern style lighting, the dropped ceiling over the washer and dryer requires flush mounts. I found these at Lowe's and love the price and the modern clean look.

3. Wallpaper with Brunschwig & Fils "Ironing Bored."

Still in the planning stage -

4. New washer, dryer, and clothes hamper
5. Mud room area
6. Table and seating
7. Window treatment
8. Chinoiserie touches of course!!!!!!

On tap for this week will be my painter coming over to paint the cabinets, ceiling, and trim, and my electrician coming over to install new lighting. I certainly hope you will follow along on this adventure. The laundry room is one of the hottest rooms right now in interior design. Heretofore people never spent money on their laundry rooms and now it is a well planned multi-use hub of the house in many homes. Perhaps this will inspire you to redo your own laundry room.

Many of my sponsors and supporters of Chinoiserie Chic have graciously agreed to provide beautiful items to help me turn this laundry room into a very special room and I would like to thank them for their support. To me, it is the finishing details that make all the difference in interior design. I frankly don't care if a room has "good bones." I care if it is filled with beautiful things. Mine will be, I promise. Thanks for supporting these wonderful businesses that support Chinoiserie Chic.

Now please go see who else is participating in this One Room Challenge. I am dying to see if mine is the only laundry room.


  1. What a huge wonderful space to work with! I love that wallpaper and your inspiration boards are fabulous. This will be great!

  2. Can not wait to see this transformation!!! I love all of your ideas and might have to copy a few for my laundry room!

  3. Your laundry room is huge! I think your idea to go w/the black and white floors will work out perfectly. Looking forward to following along.

  4. Your boards are terrific! Love the wallpaper. Looking forward to the final reveal Your site starts my morning on a great note. Thanks.

  5. After reading this morning's hot mess of government news, I needed a quick pick me up and I, of course, found it here. Love that you don't care if the room has great bones, you want it filled with pretty things!

    You are a brave woman. I'm still cooking in the basement while I've started year three of what has become a whole house makeover. I wouldn't show you my basement if I were held hostage by Ted Cruz!

  6. I am so envious of the amount of space you have to work with. And call me crazy but I think the floors are fun and will be great once you have done your magic on everything else. Cannot wait to follow along!

  7. What a huge laundry room. Did you say you will be doing 'crafts' in here? I love that wallpaper and completely agree with your plan on not ripping out the cabinets and floors. This is going to be quite the show-stopper of a laundry room.

  8. I recently DIYd those gold shelves for my laundry room...they are my favorite thing about the space both aesthetically and functionally! Love your plan.

  9. Everything you picked with that black and white floor will be great!!!
    Looking forward to reveal, Karolyn

  10. Well, you have certainly motivated me to get cracking on that room that sits there making me afraid every time I pass. Your laundry room will be amazing!!! I cannot wait to see what you do!

  11. Wow Beth, what a great space you have to work with! This is going to be one stylish laundry room ~ such beautiful inspiration!

  12. omg love your inspiration boards! this is going to be fab! can't wait. I'm going to join the linking ORC tomorrow!

  13. Love the gorgeous wallpaper you picked! Looking forward to see new updates next week!

  14. You have soooo many great ideas floating around in your head. This will be a wonderful room, I just know!

  15. I want to wallpaper my face with that pattern... delicious. How exciting!

  16. Love that you are doing a laundry room. Love that you showed your real space and I double-triple love your plan!! :)

  17. I LOVE that you've chosen your laundry room! I hope you go with the first inspiration board - I love the hot pink with all the blue & white!!

  18. Wow, I am so jealous of all that fantastic space you have! That Bruschwig & Fils paper is one of my all time favorites. The blue in it is beautiful! This room is going to be so crisp, fresh and gorgeous!

  19. Your inspiration images are wonderful and your love for blue and white alone have me hooked! This will be fun to watch.

  20. Sounds like it's going to be amazing! I'd kill for a laundry room that size. Lanterns are going to be amazing in that space. I love all these fancy laundry rooms popping up. They really should be in my opinion, you spend so much stinkin time in there ;)

  21. Beth this is so much fun seeing all of the makeovers! I LOVE what you are planning!!

    Art by Karena
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  22. I love the floor so I am glad you are keeping it! The wallpaper will go a long way and add so much style to this space!

  23. That was "quite a laundry list!" It will be so CHIC!! franki

  24. WOW ~ can't wait to see it all come together!

  25. I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper!! How is it possible that I've never heard of it?! Especially since it "has always been the 'it' paper in laundry rooms in Palm Beach estates." Your laundry room is going to be FABULOUS!!!

    The Glam Pad

  26. So glad you are redoing a laundry room. That is the same type of room I am going to do...I will be linking up tomorrow to ORC. Your plan looks great, and I cannot wait to follow along and see how it will turn out!

  27. I am thrilled to be in the One Room Challenge with you. It is a much needed swift kick in the rear to get this room looking good. Cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with.

    That Laundry room is going to be fab!


  28. You have your work cut out for you!! Love the paper. That's going to be really fun.
    I'm also obsessed with every lantern you showed. Too bad about the drop ceiling, but you'll make it work!

  29. I love your inspiration images...its going to look great...I would love to have a laundry room make over with those inspirations...