Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blue and White Fabrics - All Under Thirty Dollars

Cachepot in Hyacinth
 Continuing our series on blue and white, here are some great Chinoiserie fabrics under $30.00 a yard, some well under. These are high end designer looks without the $$$.

Cachepot in Hyacinth - $29.99 a yard


Danika Herrick Trellis on Navy Blue - starting at $17.50 a yard

Danika Herrick Cloud Pagoda in Navy - starting at $17.50 a yard

Danika Herrick Greek Key Stripe in Navy - starting at $17.50 a yard

Waverly Peaceful Temple in Porcelain - $19.95 a yard

Waverly Canton Bazaar in Porcelain - $20.50 a yard

Braemore Imperial Treasure in Sapphire - $22.75 a yard


  1. This could be dangerous!! So many gorgeous and affordable fabrics, I have all kinds of projects dancing around my mind now:)

  2. Thank you so much for the links! I have been wanting to get some for my foyer table but the prices have been so prohibitive! Love them!

  3. All of these fabrics are wonderful; and when coverinf a soga, egads! Even $23 a yard adds up quickly!!

    2013 Artists Series!

  4. I love all of these!! Some new ones here I hadn't seen before!

    The Glam Pad

  5. Great prices!! thanks for sharing!

  6. me "thoughts" for a Thanksgiving table covering...hmmm franki

  7. Aren't you wonderful to tell us the price. I am someone who watches her pocketbook and getting carried away with fabric is a temptation. Love that blue. Thanks, Ann

  8. Thanks to Beth's great finds on Ebay, I'm now doing daily searches on the site.

    Has anyone seen (or touched) the Home Accents Fabric Cachepot in Hyacinth? It's selling on Ebay for $17 a yard. I'm so tempted!

    Earlier this month Beth relayed her "My Houzz Ideabook "Green With Chinosierie Envy". I love the idea of a little splash of color with the traditional blue and white. Well it seems Home Accents Fabric also has a fretwork design in green at a reasonable price list on Ebay! Thanks for the Ebay tip Beth, keep them coming.

  9. Patricia - I am holding a sample of Cachepot in my hand right now and I have seen two chairs done in it in person. It is gorgeous!

  10. Great to hear that! I don't think I can do better than $17 a yard. Thanks!