Friday, April 5, 2013

An Easy Chinoiserie DIY

I saw this on One Kings Lane and thought it was a great idea. Many of us have Chinese garden stools in our homes and gardens - as you might imagine, I have quite a few. I love the idea of topping it with a tray to turn it into a side table. This would work perfectly with a blue and white Chinese garden stool and a round or hexagonal tray - I need to try this. One could use a lacquer tray for a modern vibe or a vintage silver or brass one for a more elegant look.

My Pinterest board on The Chinese Garden Stool has lots of inspiration.


  1. This is fun! I have many Chinese garden stools--and a cool, vintage, brass, bamboo-edged tray. I'll try them together. I love your linked Pinterest page :-)

  2. I like this idea. I have an elephant statue which is about the same size as a garden stool. It's currently topped with an inexpensive glass round but the tray idea is much more stylish.