Thursday, April 4, 2013

Flamingo Home

Junell from Seekers Bazaaar has a fabulous eye and an amazing home. I adore her vibe because she loves color and is not afraid to take risks. And I have to love a girl who loves pink. On Monday she posted about her flamingo foyer with a sneak peek at her flamingo bath.

The entryway is anchored by a large flamingo Audobon poster available here. Check out the Dana Gibson chevron pagoda lantern and the flamingo pink front door. WOW!!!!! I would kill for that dragon and Greek key rug.

Below you will see her flamingo bathroom with Cole & Son flamingo wallpaper and more flamingos with the trinket box and vintage print.

Did you grow up spelling the plural of flamingo "flamingoes" or "flamingos"? Both are correct, but I was taught to spell it with an "e." Now I seem to spell it without. "Flamingoes" and "potatoes" have always looked odd to me.

Need even more flamingo inspiration? - check out my fun flamingo Pinterest board.


  1. That entry is perfection! I love everything about it. Such inspiration.

  2. every detail is gorgeous - super love the pink flamingo wallpaper.

  3. Wow ~ Thx so much Beth. You inspired it over a year ago, You are way ahead of the curve! Bath is almost ready so will post more soon.