Monday, November 19, 2012

Red and Green - Miles Redd

With its red and green, this lovely dining room is ready for Christmas and all year long. Classic Chinoiserie wallpaper and furniture are given a modern touch with the unexpected navy blue dining chairs. Another modern look is no rug -  a trend in the dining room that I really like. The green curtains are trimmed and tasseled in red. Other red touches include the red chandelier shades - very Alessandra Branca and red flowers.

Note the dark candles that are another modern touch. Creative Candles has an incredible selection of colors and lengths - my go to source for candles. Colors include Paris Gray, Eggplant, Chocolate, Watermelon, Hot Pink - 44 colors in all! Candles need not be white or ivory to be elegant. A great tip for setting your holiday table.

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  1. Beth of course I love anything that Miles does; adore the navy chairs, very elegant. Creative Candles is right here in Kansas City!

    Art by Karena