Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Posting at My Crafty Home Life - Nantucket Chinoiserie Style

My friend Linda asked me to guest post today over at My Crafty Home Life on Nantucket Chinoiserie Style. OK, so we just made that style up - sue us. She is posting 31 days on Nantucket Style, so of course I had to figure out what a great Nantucket beach house with Chinoiserie elements would look like. I think my choices are wonderful for a home anywhere, not just the beach.

Linda also has a cute story introducing the post about how we met and became friends. Here is my side of it. Linda, who I did not know, emailed me if I would be interested in having her do a guest post on a DIY Chinoiserie pagoda cornice board she was doing for her dining room. I had NEVER allowed anyone to do a guest post on my blog EVER. I do not have a DIY blog, I am a control freak, and I am a perfectionist. I knew she was friends with The Pink Pagoda, so in a weak moment I said yes and immediately regretted it, thinking I would live to regret it even more. BTW, Linda has a wonderful giveaway from The Pink Pagoda here.

Linda sent over to me a huge post with pictures I couldn't open. I really felt like telling her to do it correctly and send it to me or to forget it. It ended up with her sending me each picture individually and my redoing the entire (many swear words........) post that took me hours. Here is that famous guest post.

A short time later, Linda asked me to participate in the One Room Challenge that I also wished I had said no to. I do NOT like group projects and do not like other people setting the ground rules. Fast forward.

The long and the short of it is that I had a wonderful experience doing the One Room Challenge - click on the One Room Challenge button in my sidebar if you missed it. Linda and I have become BBF - Best Blogging Friends and I don't think a day goes by that we don't ask each other advice on an interior design project, a legal question, a blogging question, have a snarky remark about other bloggers (I bet you wonder who), or our take on all sorts of matters of the world. I have threatened to start charging her by the hour for legal and interior design questions though.

As for guest posts on my blog, I haven't taken another one since. I'm not stupid. Who was it that said that insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting a different result? And by the way Linda, it's good you do ask me interior design questions. Here is her post deciding on a driftwood console over the vintage elephant one she has been hunting for. I am going to save these awful driftwood photos for my next April Fool's Day post though!

Tacky, not chic!


Thanks girlfriend, I know we'll be talking soon.


  1. So you don't want my Faux Hand Painted Greek Key tutorial post?

  2. I really want that fabulous mirror! My goodness Beth; we know more about you than ever before!

    2012 Artists Series

  3. Love to hear the back stories. BTW, I think it was Einstein who commented that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Also attributed to Einstein is the ability to hold two seemingly contradictory ideas in mind at the same time. Your post is definitely the later: how control freak & perfectionist (I ave some of those traits) can have a guest post and actually come to have enjoyed the experience.

    Have loved watching friendships bloom all over the internet.

  4. yah! Beth! glad to see your guest post over at Linda's! And so fun to hear both sides of the story about how ya'll met (and to read the "truth" over here of course) haha, just teasing. Love your navy with the touch of coral.

  5. I love what you came up with for Chinoiserie Nantucket Style. I agree that all of the rooms would look good anywhere!