Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Chinoiserie Front Door - Coral?

I plan to have the exterior of my house repainted in the spring and started thinking a little about any changes I might make. The house is a very traditional Georgian colonial with antique brick and black shutters and doors. I have three ideas for a change to the front door. Each would give a hint of the Chinoiserie inside, but still keeping with the formality of the home.

Idea number one I have shown with my little inspiration board above. That is the same lion door knocker I have. I would paint the front door coral, one of my favorite colors. A Greek key doormat would greet you. Flanking the door would be a pair of blue and white Chinese planters with live topiary plants. What do you think?

My front door now


  1. love a coral door. I'm planning to paint my cottage door as well and I was thinking something between burnt orange and tomato red. But now coral is feeling mighty tempting!

  2. Oh my, this is what I do...pick out paint colors for people. What a gorgeous house! But, Beth, your white-white pediment door surround is what is killing the current look. Try a creamier white when you repaint and it will look stunning. And, you want the color of the door to relate to the brick, not clash, as I think a really-pinky-coral would. I would say look at BM HC-50 as a starting point.

  3. Ellen - Thanks so much. I have two more color ideas coming up. I'd love to see what your thoughts are on those too! Love the idea of a creamier white.

  4. OMG! This will be spectacular! Can't WAIT to see your final choices!!! I am crazy for those blue & white porcelain planters. I have a Pinterest board for blue & white planters!

  5. Beth it would be a gorgeous combination!! Like Naomi's ideas as well!

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  6. Beth, I recently painted my front doors coral and I absolutely love it!!! I used Ben Moore's Habanero Pepper. So gorgeous in person. Here is the post with photos. FYI, for some reason the photos show the color as being a little darker than it is in person. It's a gorgeous color - check it out!

  7. The coral color is great! We did a rich, persimmon orange on our front door and it looks fantastic, especially with the brass hardware and brick walkway. In fact, we loved it so much it inspired the name of our shop - Behind the Orange Door. You can't go wrong!
    Kate @

  8. Oh I can't wait to see the outcome. Coral is so hot right now. Let us know which color you end up choosing. There are so many options. - Brandy

  9. I want to see all the choices before I vote. Is there any room in the budget to put in a Chippendale railing?

  10. I'd inch my way up on this one. Paint the surround a creamy white as Ellen suggested and take a long hard look. I'm thinking stay traditional on the outside and open the door to CC world.

  11. Beth,
    The combination of the coral with the blue and white is so stunning.
    If you are going to do the coral, check out the Hollandlac from Fine Paints of Europe and do it in a high gloss. It would be knockout!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with. The blue and white is a must.