Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mismatched Curtains

My daughter and I spent all day yesterday getting her apartment ready for the painters who arrive this morning. We were chatting about some changes for the apartment. She has decided on a cowhide rug for the dining room and we hope to find that at Ikea tomorrow. We also thought it would be fun to post pictures of each room as we finish it. She is Chinoiserie crazy, just like Mom.

Above is perhaps my favorite photo from Domino magazine. I reminds me of Kate's apartment with its high ceilings, white walls, wood floors, lots of great colors, and Chinoiserie - here the blanc de Chine on the mantel and bamboo in one of the blanc de Chine vases.

I adore the mismatched Prada inspired curtains and think this would be amazing in her apartment. Not a look for the timid, but fantastic, especially in unlined silk. The colors would be a stunning backdrop for Chinoiserie like blue and white Chinese porcelain, blanc de Chine, or black and gold lacquered furniture.


  1. If the two of you actually DO try this I can't WAIT to see it!!! I know you are having too much fun with this renovation!! Thanks for bring us along!!!

  2. I have orange unlined silk curtains in my living room. They always look rich. I don't love the mismatched look. I do love white walls!

  3. Charming and Unexpected! Gives me a great idea for my office!

  4. I am wondering if it would only look great in a young woman's apartment, like your daughter's? Do you think this works for all ages?