Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cowhide and Chinoiserie

Peter Frank - layered over sisal
My daughter's apartment is being repainted this week and it gives us a great excuse to do some redecorating. She is thinking of adding a cowhide rug to one of the rooms, so I thought it would be fun to find some rooms that combine Chinoiserie and cowhide - not easy to find, but a great look.

Thibaut - adds a modern touch here

Kimberly Ayres - zebra stenciled cowhide with Chinese Chippendale chairs

Suzanne Kasler - with Chinoiserie wallpaper

House Beautiful - love the idea of layering 2 for a larger rug

CBB Interiors - in an entry with foo dogs


  1. What a lovely combination! We use it here, but the cowhide gives it some natural grounding element I feel!
    Have a great day Beth.

  2. Hey, you forgot my bedroom ...I will assume that you meant "famous rooms" with cowhide ;-)

  3. It IS a great look! Can't wait to see what the two of you come up with. Love the screen in that first shot!!!

  4. Linda's comment made me laugh...love the hide...with anything...even chinoiserie!

  5. Linda's room is the one that got me thinking of using a cowhide in my living room. Now with this inspiration it's a no brainer. THX!

  6. I'm not a big fan of any sort of animal hide as decor. That said, the first room you posted is one of my favorites. Every time you post it, I just lust after that big screen.

  7. This is my sort of chinoiserie!

  8. The Thibaut shot was taken in the center hall (which was used as a hospital in the Civil War) of my home about a year ago. The bamboo table and the accessories are mine and I have that fabric (a gift from the designer) which I will be using in my new bathroom and re-done bedroom in 2013! The cowhide was on top of my 154 year-old floors! If I could only show you all what that space really looks like, you would be amazed at the design and photography tricks that are used.

    Now we need to see some photos of your daughter's new digs!

  9. Absolutely love this site...great ideas...love love love the cowhide as Zebra....where can I find them?