Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Inspiration - The Blue and White Kitchen

Toni Gallagher
A couple of weeks ago, I posted the photo at bottom of this wonderful blue and white breakfast room that I found on the web with no attribution. A follower wanted to know what the adjoining kitchen looks like. Always up for a challenge, I was able to locate both the interior designer and the kitchen. Here it is, and what a blue and white Chinoiserie beauty.


  1. Oh that's my chairs and table from Gustavian in London, what a glorious kitchen, my kitchen is so dark and can't really carry white, which really annoys me, I settled for cream but it irks me all the time. Next time I'm copying this!

  2. Just gorgeous! Adore that light fixture over the breakfast room table!!!

  3. Oh my goodness this is incredible. If I had this kitchen I might want to do some cooking! Actually, I'd want to stay in the kitchen all day!

  4. Love the combination of blue and white.
    It's a portuguese tradition, actually.

    Take a look at this piece: