Monday, July 9, 2012

One Room Challenge: Colonial to Chinoiserie

Ruthie Sommers - Coastal Living

Linda, of My Crafty Home Life, the organizer of The One Room Challenge, is redoing her master bedroom. She asked her readers if she should get rid of her pineapple chandelier. I am here to weigh in. No! This is a classic piece that can go from Frumpy Colonial to Palm Beach/Hollywood Regency/Chinoiserie Chic with just a coat of paint. Here are examples in a range of colors from shelter magazines and Palm Beach stores with prices up to $1600. White or black would be classic choices, but they are all great. Tips - Paint it all one color - no metallics or gold touches. No chandelier shades. Put the chandelier on a dimmer. Use some chic chandelier bulbs - I am addicted to the Satco Clear Prismatic. Paint the chain too!

Linda's Pineapple Chandelier

Vogue Living - Black

H & H on OKL - Deep Green

Palm Beach Vintage - Beige

Palm Beach Vintage -  Cream

Vintage White - check out the funky bulbs

Palm Beach Vintage - Ivory

Palm Beach Vintage - Gray


  1. Yes to the painted pineapple! Great inspiration here. Course I would lacquer that sucker orange....

  2. Great advice to her, Beth! Hope she takes it...otherwise she can pass that baby on down to me and I will happily give it a wonderful home!!!

  3. Beth, you are the best!! Thanks, I will take your advice...sorry Vickie. However, I did find it on Ebay for only $99. Just search "by distance". People don't want to ship. Beth, the light bulbs you suggested, are stunning! How do you source all this stuff?

  4. Totally brilliant. It is helpful to hear from others with fresh ideas. Good job. Hope she keeps it!

  5. Hmm, my initial thought was to replace that chandelier - now I've seen the light (sorry for the lame pun). Love it painted in white!

  6. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!! great job. i like the light bulbs you suggested, or the cute round balls like from the Sputnik chandeliers

  7. Fantastic Beth! I was totally in favor of keeping it ... this just cemented the deal!! Fantastic Inspiration!

  8. Okay it's's a keeper!

  9. Love the black Vogue one! Nice post!!