Sunday, November 6, 2011

Setting the Chinoiserie Table - Pagodas

Meg Braff
Pagodas are a wonderful touch for the Chinoiserie dining room, but are hard to find and can cost a fortune. These blue and white ginger jar pagodas are available online and are very budget friendly. Don't delay - when I posted on them before they sold out their entire inventory and have just restocked them. They are lidded and would be fabulous used as vases as in yesterday's post. I am off to order a pair right now!

Andrew Raquet


  1. My set of these comes apart from the bottom base as well....can't recall if there is an opening in the bottom of the center section....they are up high at my house and I can't easily get to them to look. But they are a GREAT LOOK for not much money!

  2. Love pagodas anything, that first picture is breathtaking..have a great Sunday!