Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red and Green Chinoiserie

This is such a lovely combination-red Gracie wallcovering with celadon draperies and upholstery and sea grass rug. Not sure if I am on board with the two different chairs, are you? This is from Joe Nye's wonderful book Flair.


  1. Gorgeous room Beth, adore the Gracie paper. I do like mixed dining chairs, not in this room though.

    Art by Karena

  2. Love your blog! I have noticed that if I check too early in the a.m. that I sometimes miss half of your post!!!
    I like the draperies, and I like the wallpaper, but I do not think they work together. The clean red of the wallpaper makes the draperies look too drab for my taste. Also, I think if you have to mix chairs due to having an antique set, that I would have put two of the taller black lacquer chairs in the host and hostess position, and use the whiter ones in a row along the sides. And at least upholster them all the same.

  3. The only thing I hate more than mismatched side chairs around a dining table are backless chairs or benches, which to me is an indication you don't want your guests to stay very long. This picture is a particularly bad example, too.