Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Red Chinoiserie Room

A Chinoiserie room done in red is wonderful all year round, but really comes into its own in the winter and especially at Christmas. Here is some gorgeous inspiration for every room of the house. Above, the iconic living room of Diana Vreeland.


Michael J. Dute

Dining Room

Martha Stewart

Posh Living

Goodbye Columbus

The Kitchen


Windsor Smith

The Bedroom

Coombe Abbey

John Loecke

David Salmon

The Bath

Anne Holden

Melissa Rufty


  1. every home should have a red room! the pagoda bed is unbelievable! xo kitty

  2. Love the red, reminds me of my gorgeous red didning room which is underused these days. The powder room by Holden.....all mine.

  3. Red Chinoiserie against your shocking pink blog: brilliant!

  4. Red is my favorite neutral. As I get older, I want more color, which is rather against the odds of what usually happens! And red and chinoiserie made for each other.

  5. All gorgeous, so deliciously festive :-)

    Leeann x

  6. There's a lot of wonderful inspiration here, Beth. I love a red chinoiserie-inspired room at Christmas -- it reminds me so much of my grandmother, who was incredibly stylish and a big fan of both red (she always said ever house must have a red room!) and chinoiserie (much of which my grandfather brought home with him from his naval tour in the pacific during WWII).

  7. God I love Diana Vreeland. You just don't find that type of woman these days - one of a kind, did what she liked and couldn't give a dam if others hated it or thought her crazy!!! LOL

    Its going to be VERY hot in my neck of the woods today and although I love those red rooms - I am glad I don't have one --- way tooo hot!!! We have a "fire alert" today.

  8. Wow that is a lot of red. So fun. Windsor Smith just always comes through for me. So much talent in those images.

  9. Kitty-Can you believe that pagoda bed? Incredible.

  10. Sande-My library is red. I love red rooms.

  11. Scott-Might have to keep doing red posts.

  12. Home Before Dark-I have never liked white or neutrals-so dull!

  13. Averill-I agree about every house needing a red room. My library is red and I love it. My parents were in the Phillipines for four years after WWII.

  14. Lady Jicky-I am more like Diana Vreeland than you could know.

  15. CC-The Windsor Smith kitchen is brilliant.

  16. Love the Windsor Smith kitchen, yummy!

  17. i LOVE red + chinoiserie. still my favorite color for an intimate space. those hot green chairs are pretty awesome, too!

    p.s. my red chinoiserie is here: