Friday, August 8, 2014

Fabulous Friday Finds

House Beautiful
This style of desk/console is a wonderful backdrop to Chinoiserie as demonstrated here with the Chinese calligraphy brushes, elephant, and lantern. I have found two fabulous versions of it at great prices.

From Pottery Barn, their nickel and glass Ava Metal Desk priced at $499.

Ava Metal Desk

And a wonderful desk from West Elm that is so elegant and well priced - their nickel and glass version of the Glass Cross Base Desk priced at $399. I am in the market for a new desk and I am considering both of these.

Glass Cross Base Desk

And since you twisted my arm, two new pictures of Margot -


pattyswells said...

Margot is irresistible!

Kim Ballard said... precious. How much does she weigh?

Dianne said...

Margot is stealing my heart. Keep the pictures coming. xo

home before dark said...

You read my mind. I think the desks were nice but where is Margot. I think she deserves her own blog. She is that cute.

Andrea said...

Margot is the cutest!! So precious!

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