Friday, August 8, 2014

Fabulous Friday Finds

House Beautiful
This style of desk/console is a wonderful backdrop to Chinoiserie as demonstrated here with the Chinese calligraphy brushes, elephant, and lantern. I have found two fabulous versions of it at great prices.

From Pottery Barn, their nickel and glass Ava Metal Desk priced at $499.

Ava Metal Desk

And a wonderful desk from West Elm that is so elegant and well priced - their nickel and glass version of the Glass Cross Base Desk priced at $399. I am in the market for a new desk and I am considering both of these.

Glass Cross Base Desk

And since you twisted my arm, two new pictures of Margot -


  1. precious. How much does she weigh?

  2. Margot is stealing my heart. Keep the pictures coming. xo

  3. You read my mind. I think the desks were nice but where is Margot. I think she deserves her own blog. She is that cute.

  4. Margot is the cutest!! So precious!

    The Glam Pad