Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Bed Four Ways

Mary McDonald
 My favorite Chinoiserie bed after mine is this stunning pagoda bed designed by Mary McDonald. Alas, my gold leaf pagoda canopy bed by Annie Selke is no longer available. Investment pieces like this really make a room and a home. Although pricey (hence the term investment piece), keep in mind that if you choose well these are focal points in your home that you will enjoy for a lifetime. I love the words of Miles Redd who said that when you buy the best, you only cry once.

Here is the beautiful pagoda bed designed by Mary McDonald in four different bedrooms. Notice how different these rooms are and the different ways the bed has been dressed. Note too that Mary McDonald uses brown in all three of her rooms. Quite interesting, because you don't see lots of rooms with brown and Chinoiserie. Have a favorite?  I think the room above is my favorite. I love the chocolate brown walls with all the white. I do think the room by Kim Alexandriuk is quite intriguing - using such a formal bed in a beach house sort of way.

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

Kim Alexandriuk


Vickie H. said...

I think the top is my favorite as well! This bed is so marvelous it stops my heart!

Anonymous said...

Great Post. I want this bed! Check out my blog. You will like it! I'll put something on there in the next few days chinois...just for you!
-The Keeper of the Little Red Diary

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Opulence! Mary McDonald is one talented lady.
Thank you for sharing, Beth.
Happy Monday.

Nancy said...

Beautiful! Love the moody first one.
xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Did you see the dollhouse with the chinoise wallpaper? Not good enough yet, huh? Ill keep working on it! :)
The Little Red Diary