Monday, November 5, 2012

More Marvelous Mary McDonald

Everyone always identifies this photo above as a foyer by Mary McDonald. But when I happened upon this living room below, I realized that it is not a foyer but the side of this living room in the foreground. At any rate, I adore it all - pink, blue, gold, faux bamboo, stripes, blue and white Chinese porcelain, blanc de Chine, a Chinese garden stool - fabulous. Below are some tips to copy in your own home.

Ideas to borrow.....................

1. Love the pink lampshade to cast a rosy glow - pink light bulbs do the trick too - both GE and Sylvania make them

2. Mixing stripes and Chinoiserie

3. Mixing pink and blue with Chinoiserie

4. Add gold for glamour and sophistication

5. Add black to ground the room and keep it from being too twee

6. Pink walls - Farrow & Ball has some great sophisticated pinks

7. A modern graphic rug

8. Symmetry - lots of pairs which I love

9. Chinese garden stools as side tables

10. A pink sofa and chairs

11. A fabulous mirror adds a focal point and expands the space visually

12. Lots of blue and white Chinese porcelain


  1. There you go with your great observations/lists again. Love them!

  2. Beth I love the graphic rug to build a foundation for the traditional, gorgeous Chinoiserie.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  3. At first I thought the photo inset was a young Natalie Wood! I have always wondered about this room. Good sleuthing, Beth.

  4. Yes, I always thought this was a foyer myself. Love that you unearthed the rest of the room, it is fabulous. I absolutely love her style and the way she accessorizes a room. Nov 12 Million Dollar Decorator can't wait....mark your calendars.