Saturday, June 22, 2024

Upscale Costume Jewelry

Frances Valentine

I love jewelry and I enjoy having fun with it. One wonderful development in recent years has been the proliferation of "good" costume jewelry. It is not very expensive like solid gold jewelry but is not the cheap gold plated stuff that turns your skin green and tarnishes over time. This upscale costume jewelry is usually brass with heavier gold plating and a protective finish. The granddaddy was Kenneth Jay Lane whose beautiful costume jewelry has been around for decades.

His "fakes" were worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Bush, Jackie Kennedy, and the Duchess of Windsor who was reportedly buried in one of his belts. His talent was copying high end pieces and his clients proudly wore his "fake" pieces.

I have some Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry and love it. He died back in 2017 and I do prefer his vintage pieces that can easily be found on places like eBay here.

Jackie Kennedy in a Pearl Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

Here are my favorite sources for statement costume jewelry.

Julie Vos makes gorgeous high end costume jewelry of excellent quality - 

Julie Vos

I love the organic Palm Beach style of Anabel Aram jewelry - 

Anabel Aram

Frances Valentine has colorful and fun jewelry with vintage style - 

Frances Valentine

J.Crew is a great source for well priced, preppy, classic pieces - 


I find it interesting that no matter how great the outfit is that I'm wearing, what I always get the most questions and comments on is my jewelry. It's such an easy way to jazz up any outfit. Even though I am a bit housebound right now, I put on a great pair of earrings or a statement necklace with my lounging outfit and it makes me happy. I am going to my favorite Thai restaurant tonight. I think a caftan will be a perfect choice to cover my knee brace and some favorite statement costume jewelry of course.


  1. The Anabel Aram you featured a few weeks back is gorgeous. Love the bracelet and coral earrings, My KJL and Trifari from way back when still looks brand new, and as much as I want todays costume jewelry to have the same heft. It doesn't. Haven't ventured into Frances Valentine or Julie Vos. Part of this summer's white T-shirt look is layers of the African wood chunky beads you featured. $10.00 showstoppers. Love them. Thanks Beth. Hope you are managing your pain. Aperol in the afternoon is great meds.

  2. Julie Vos has some great things on sale right now too.

  3. I love the way you make an occasion out of everything! Very inspiring! And I just used your link to purchase a few pieces of Annabel Aram jewelry, which was new to me. Thank you!

  4. Great post, Beth. I love everything about Jackie O's outfit; the pearls, the very lady like peach colored dress, and the white gloves. I lament that I rarely see people dress up like this anymore. Perhaps I don't because I live in CA, which is the capitol of what passes for casual these days. There used to be a site called Magnificent Costume Jewelry which carried gorgeous pieces of vintage costume jewelry. I'm not sure if they are still around.