Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Tory Burch Shell Statement Necklace

This gorgeous Tory Burch seashell necklace is sold out everywhere. I waited when I first saw it because it is almost $400 and now it is sold out. Maybe it will restock? It would be so perfect for here in Florida. Oh well....

Speaking of Florida, I mentioned the other day that a weather front with loads of much needed rain was going to stall over South Florida this week. Well, yesterday was crazy for some spots in this area. Some folks got 10 inches of rain in hours with streets and even houses flooding. Lots of downtown Sarasota was flooded. More rain today and the rest of this week with 20 inches in some spots.

Meanwhile in my little bubble in Venice, we have just had lovely gentle soaking rain. My garden is so happy. Yesterday morning there were squirrels and rabbits and birds galore frolicking in my backyard and preserves enjoying the rain. I went out before it started and threw bags of palm fertilizer and Epsom salts around all of my palm trees.

I hope everyone stays safe and sound in South Florida today and the rest of the week. Venice almost always stays safe from the crazy weather. Lots of people say it is because we are built on ancient Indian burial grounds. The more likely explanation is that the Native Americans wisely chose to settle here because the geography shelters us from most storms. This morning is sunny and gorgeous here, but more rain is on the way.


  1. Was worried about you with all this rain. Living in a bubble is a good thing. Glad you are safe.

  2. Glad to hear you are safe and sound and keeping your head above water. I love the shell jewelry too. I still remember how popular Puka and Paper shell jewelry was in the 70's in California.

  3. (I think Tory's prices are too high - just my humble opinion, Beth - for whatever it's worth.)

  4. stay safe beth! that necklace is a beauty!! SeamanSchepps for high end beautiful shell jewelry and Helga wagner for more reasonable prices... -linda,nyc