Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Wicker for the Kitchen

Wicker Onion Baskets

I found some wicker for the kitchen or pantry that are so old school, attractive, and functional! These are traditional baskets designed for storing onions, but you could also use them for potatoes, apples and other fresh produce. The baskets are hand woven of sturdy rattan reeds, with an ear handle on one side that allows for hanging in the pantry.

For centuries, these wicker baskets have been commonly used for everyday life in Europe for food storage and as a better solution to prolong the shelf life of veggies the natural way. The breathable design allows air to pass keeping any moisture away promoting a longer shelf life. A highly sustainable elegant kitchen organizer.

Set of 2 Onion Baskets

Hand woven of natural rattan.

Allows for air circulation to keep onions cool and dry, prolonging freshness.

Set of two, one of each size.

These would be great on a kitchen counter, hanging on a wall, or hanging in the pantry. Also for garlic, shallots, and herbs, all of which I use lots of.


  1. A blast from the past. I grew up with these baskets and am so thrilled to finally find them here in the States. A major redo of kitchen going on. These will bring some "born country" and a happy feel to the project. One set for me and one for my daughter in Old Town. Thanks Beth. Love shopping with you.

  2. They're wonderful. I love wicker, especially that very ornate Victorian wicker, painted white. I just think it's magical.