Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Scalloped Woven Lampshade High/Low

Green Seagrass Scalloped Lampshade

I saw this lampshade and was immediately smitten - green, scallops, seagrass - I think it would look great on one of my blue and white Chinese lamps.

You can find it here. Unfortunately, it is priced at $340.00.

Then I found this one.

This one is wicker and in ocean blue. It is available in 4 sizes and it's on sale. It is a fraction of the price. If you prefer another color, wicker is so easy to spray paint any color you like. Hot pink? Navy blue? Kelly green? Coral? What would you choose?

Scalloped Wicker Lampshade

Or get this seagrass version also available in 4 sizes and also on sale and paint it any color you like for a fraction of the price of the green one pictured at the top. A fun little DIY and a completely custom look.

Scalloped Seagrass Lampshade

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