Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Displaying Blue and White Chinese Porcelain

Caroline Didiere - Veranda

This stunning foyer has a wonderful collection of blue and white Chinese porcelain. All blue and white Chinese porcelain works great together - it's literally impossible to go wrong.

An important tip though in my opinion is to add an organic element to add some warmth to all the blue and white - here the braided basket and the plants. 

Here is another example with miniature citrus trees.

Cocoa and Dash

In a tropical setting, I love using seashells as an organic element with blue and white Chinese porcelain.



  1. Beautiful post, Beth. That foyer!!😍

  2. classically fresh! especially when decorated with a light hand (and citrus!!!!)

  3. When first I saw this foyer in Veranda I swooned. I could live there, in the foyer. Beth, do the baskets and the greenery not count as organic elements? Your shell display on that gorgeous furniture is so perfect together. A South Florida vibe that I am now using for the summer in the mountains, while pretending the coast is near. 😊

    1. Of course the basket and plants count - I said exactly that in the post.

  4. What a beautiful entry hall. I love that pendant lantern light fixture.

  5. Sorry Beth, I was too busy swooning and didn't read your post all the way through. My bad.