Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Banquette

Collins Interiors

I  love a great banquette. I would spend all my time here, eating, reading, working on the computer, perhaps even for naps. A nap may in the cards today. I spent the entire day in the garden yesterday, supervising my gardening crew of eight guys and doing lots of projects myself like cleaning all my blue and white Chinese porcelain - I have eight Chinese garden stools and lots of ginger jars and fish bowls in the garden, as well as cleaning all my urns for replanting today.

I always use Simple Green in the garden as it is non-toxic to plants and animals and smells wonderful. Also a great cleaning product indoors of course. You should be buying the concentrate by the gallon and filling your own spray bottle or bucket - so much more economical and eco - friendly.

Simple Green

Speaking of green, the wonderful green and white banquette fabric is Schumacher's Grand Palms that can be used indoors or outdoors. I love green and white as much as I do blue and white.

I am headed outside to work on my urns. I love that I can garden virtually every day of the year here. My gardeners kept running from snakes yesterday - there were six in the area in the back they were working on. They were just harmless and beneficial black racer snakes, but the crew screamed and ran off with every one. I also have an American bald eagle in one of my live oaks who was watching us all day.

And day 4 of my beautiful $6.50 a dozen roses from Publix - what a steal!



  1. First the alligator, now six snakes. A high floor in Manhattan is starting to sound appealing. Of course it would have to have a roof garden. Maybe one snake to keep the rats away. No roses at my Publix. Sold out. Yours look absolutely fabulous.

  2. That entire kitchen looks so calm and inviting. I love the softer colors and the green palm fabric on that banquette is lovely.

    You're definitely living in wild kingdom territory, Beth. I was watching a little of the PGA the other day and the golfers had to take a time out in order for an alligator pass to by.

  3. Snakes! Maybe your eagle can take of them for you. Alas, we don't have a Publix where I live. If we did, I would be there all the time!

  4. Watch out for your pups. Eagles can be very dangerous to small animals. I saw one attack a full size egret on our Club’s golf course.

    1. I agree. We would never let our small dog out alone on our property as an eagle that sits on the dunes near our property attempted to grab her one day. Thankfully, my husband was there to prevent it. We live on an island in eastern Canada and have heard many stories of eagles grabbing and killing small pets.