Saturday, April 27, 2024

Pink Light Bulbs Revisited

Sylvania Pink Light Bulbs

I was in Lowe's recently and it occurred to me how I use to grab my favorite Sylvania pink incandescent light bulbs without a thought. Then when Sylvania stopped making them, I would order the G.E. version from Amazon by the case. And here we fast forward to 2024 and they are illegal and selling on eBay for a small fortune. Life is certainly strange isn't it?

I still get almost daily emails from folks looking for a substitute. Alas, IMHO there are none really.

*If you can afford to, have all your lamp shades lined in blush pink silk or other fabric.

*I have gotten several comments to paint bulbs pale pink which I have not published because I have fire/safety concerns about doing this. The lawyer is me does not want to suggest anything that could be a fire hazard.

*I have tried the color changing bulbs and I find them to be expensive, finicky, temperamental, and not the same look I want.

*I have said this many times but the pink LED bulbs are garish and tacky suitable only for a Barbie party for a child.

*I hope many of you stocked up before they were banned - I did lots of posts warning everyone and sourcing the pink bulbs before they were outlawed. I tried!

*I think there is a certain irony that we can buy a lot of crazy things in this society but not incandescent light bulbs.

*Several followers have emailed me about their incandescent and pink light bulb closets that they show their "in the know guests" on house tours. I love this!

*I wonder if anyone has included their incandescent bulb stash in their will?

*Who else feels sad every time one of their pink bulbs blows out?

*I have a lifetime supply of pink bulbs - my favorite conch pink Sylvania and the paler pink G.E. as well as a huge supply of assorted incandescent bulbs like chandelier, 3 way and such. My home is LED free. I cannot stand LED light - I wear sunglasses indoors at places like my nail salon and hair salon where I cannot avoid them. They give me headaches and hurt my eyes.

*Don't store them in the garage with temperature swings - store them packed nicely indoors!!!! They are valuable and irreplaceable.

*They are also banned in Canada and most countries in Europe and abroad the sockets are often different and not compatible so that is not an option.

*Technically speaking, incandescent light bulbs are not banned. What they did is impose standards on incandescent bulbs that cannot be achieved with today's technology. Sly right? It's like saying, you can manufacture pink light bulbs as long as you are a Martian.

I would be curious to hear if anyone else has a huge stash of pink light bulbs. I sleep better knowing I do. 

I did the same thing when they brought out New Coke (April 23, 1985) and got rid of Coke Classic and I had a basement full with enough to last me until it was brought back. Fortunately that was only 79 days. 

This may well be permanent....(this is an act of Congress that would have to be repealed).

P.S. The wicker caddies sold out yesterday and restocked overnight. Grab one here.


  1. I also heeded the warning and have quite a stash. Himalayan salt bulbs available on Amazon have a nice filtered amber glow and last forever. Great for my porch lamps.

  2. Over regulation is what this is. They began phasing out incandescents because of the amount of energy they use, and people began switching to fluorescents, which I despise as much as you despise LED's. The light they emit is ghastly, they contain mercury which is poisonous, have to be disposed of properly, and probably have a bigger negative impact on the environment than incandescents. I have faith that some ingenious person will come up with a light bulb that is both energy efficient and casts a beautiful light.

  3. I also have an obsession for incandescent, especially pink bulbs. I do have a large stock pile however, I’m down to my last few pink bulbs. Got a good laugh when you asked if anyone had added them in their will! I also do not have one LED in my house, and never will. If it comes down to no other choice, candles will have to do!

  4. I do have a rather large stash, thanks to you. Thank you!

  5. I hoarded regular incandescent bulbs so my grandchildren have the joy of using our vintage Easy Bake Oven.