Thursday, April 4, 2024

Blue and White Stripes for Spring


Several followers inquired about the blue and white striped rug in my foyer. I have several of these rugs at CCC and love them. I use them inside and out and could not be happier with the look and quality.

They look like cotton, feel like cotton, but they are Annie Selke Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Rugs. Made of polypropylene, these rugs can be used indoors or out. They are gorgeous and indestructible. When they need cleaning, I put them on the driveway and hose them down or gently pressure wash and let them dry and voila - like new!

These come in lots of sizes and colors too.

Catamaran Stripe Handwoven Indoor Outdoor Rug

These linen kitchen towels have finally restocked - they are great favorites of mine. Made of gorgeous 100% linen, I use them as kitchen towels, powder room hand towels. napkins, and bread basket liners. They are available in two sizes and several colors, but I love the larger size in the wide blue and white stripe.

Linen Kitchen Towels

And every spring wardrobe needs blue and white stripes - 

Bungalow Popover Dress in Stripe Linen

Classic Mariner Cloth Dress in Stripe

Tiered Shirtdress in Cotton Poplin

Polo Mini Dress in Striped Towel Terry

Amelia Maxi Shirtdress in Striped Cotton Poplin

Elana Shirtdress in Striped Cotton Poplin


  1. I love your blue and white striped rug, Beth, and I love it even more now that you have told me how easy it is to clean! Now if some clever person could just invent a self-cleaning kitchen, that would be fabulous!