Thursday, April 11, 2024

Beatrice @ Four Months


The puppy is now 4 months old and growing up so fast. Today she is going with Harper for her first grooming. There is not really much to do - Japanese Chins do not get trimmed, but she will get a nice bath, her nails trimmed, and such. I want to get her accustomed to grooming at this age so she is comfortable with it. I have a wonderful groomer just up the street. She has her own shop, just takes one client at a time, only small dogs, and she uses all organic products. She is really fantastic.

One funny thing about both the pups is that they really love fresh vegetables - they eat fresh carrots, green beans and their new favorite is radishes which is so wild. Most people don't even eat radishes! And Bea went crazy over fresh basil the other day. Neither one of them likes meat at all. They both love fish.

Speaking of fish, her favorite dog toys are these flopping fish.

Flopping Fish Cat, Kitten, and Puppy Toys

 The floppy fish cat toys have built-in touch motion sensors. When your cat touches the toy, the cat fish toy will automatically waggle and make a sound, attracting your cat to play and kick; if not touched in a while, the flopping fish will turn into "sleep" mode. 

The interactive fish cat toy is made of hight-quality cotton cloth and short plush, safe and non-toxic for your kitten . Durable material allows cat to pat it, pounce and grab it even do the "deathnny" kick like they would with actual prey.

It's easy to charge the cat fish toy, just open the zipper and plug in the USB cable. And the toy’s motor is removable, when you clean this fish toy, please remember to take the provided catnip pouch and motor out of the fish belly.

These were originally designed as cat toys, but I read an article on the best toys for dogs and this was included. Beatrice loves them. Best for small dogs and puppies.

BTW, one of my favorite sources for dog things is Maxbone - they are having a 48 hour sale with 30% off with code PETDAY. Shop here. And they have a new Bridgerton Collection you have to see.

Bridgerton x Maxbone

Today is National Pet Day, so do something special for your furry or feathered friend today. They bring so much love to our lives.

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