Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Ally the Alligator

Pamela Munson Le Croc

No new updates on the alligator hanging out in my yard on Saturday. He/she lives in the lake across the street from CCC. This is the beginning of alligator mating season here in South Florida and it was Saturday and he was looking for a date apparently. Not sure of the sex, but males do tend to be much more on the prowl during mating season.

I measured my driveway from the photo and he is about ten and a half feet! I back to preserves, a golf course, and a pond, so I see bald eagles, coyotes, turtles, snakes, armadillos, raccoons, owls, sandhill cranes, egrets, pelicans, heron, hawks, roseate spoonbills, bobcats, even a panther once. At my house in Sarasota there were feral pigs. Welcome to Florida! I love the wildlife, you just have to be aware of your surroundings. There are now flamingos in the region blown off course from the last hurricane, so I am hoping they start appearing around here.

I might have to get this wonderful little handbag.

Pamela Munson Le Croc

"New for Resort 2024: a whimsical crocodile embroidery. Our newest embroidery celebrates the style, colors, and classicism of iconic tropical motifs. Straw minaudière with hand-embroidered crocodile motif and semi-precious stone top closure."

Here is the picture my neighbor snapped if you missed it. She said he came right up to my front French doors and I did find everything out of place whacked by his tail!

Ally @ CCC


  1. Please be very careful- especially with your pups. Alligators are very fast. Native Floridian here.

  2. I had a nightmare about that alligator after you first posted the picture. Oh my!

  3. I just love hearing about your Florida adventures, Beth.