Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Wicker Placemats/Chargers High/Low

Wicker Spiral Placemats 

Wicker placemats are a great look for setting the table in spring and summer. They are perfect for the Easter table, reminiscent of wicker Easter baskets.

This set of 4 is $98.00.

Light Rattan Spiral Placemat Set of 4

This set of 2 is $10!

Rattan Spiral Placemat Set of 2

These ship free with orders of $35. And a great tip - add to your order these wonderful tuberose candles that I have posted about and they are now on sale - buy one and get the second one at 40% off. This is a wonderful spring candle - I am definitely restocking my stash.

This container is so pretty - I was burning this yesterday and the glow of the candle makes it sparkle -

Enchanting Tuberose 2 Wick Mercury Glass Candle

Enchanting Tuberose in Cream Colored Glass

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