Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Chinoiserie Dog Bed

Dorothy Pagoda Dog Bed


I definitely have a thing for cute dog beds. I have them all over CCC. Eight to be exact including a wicker pineapple, a Chinese Chippendale, one with palm fronds - the pups can be pretty much anywhere and be hanging out with me in comfort (and style). My stone floors are not the comfiest.

This one above is so fabulous. It's available at Mrs. Alice in England and they do ship internationally. See it here. It's about $630 US plus shipping. 

Other great wicker options. A coastal vibe - 

Serena & Lily Wicker Dog Bed

This one below is a great deal -

Rattan Dog Bed

This comes in three sizes and are all on clearance -

Huntington Wicker Woven Bed Bed Base

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  1. One day I was headed to the grocery store with my marketing basket; a woman came up the sidewalk with a pair of terriers on leash. She stopped at the corner of my driveway but the pups tugged at their leashes, coming toward me; so I put down the basket, to greet them; they ignored me and headed for the basket. The woman said “They sleep together in a basket, so they’re interested in yours.”