Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Thinking Spring & Green

Studio McGee

Don't you feel like your house seems sort of empty when you take down the Christmas tree and your Christmas decorations? I certainly do. If you could use a dose of greenery, I have just the solution.

I am a big fan of interior designer Shea McGee's line for Target Studio McGee. Her new Spring Collection is out and includes some great pieces including these candles I recently posted about.

Studio McGee Ceramic 3 Wick Candle in Green

I love this Studio McGee Pterocarpus Leaf Tree from the collection - it is 6 feet tall and so pretty. With its light and airy structure, it will bring drama and greenery to a corner of a room, without taking up a lot of visual space. 

Studio McGee for Threshold Pterocarpus Leaf Tree

Shipping is free. And unlike most faux trees that come in no decorative container or an ugly container, this comes in a wonderful wicker basket - so a little fluffing of the leaves and you are good to go.

Closeup of the Wicker Container

Some people are still on the no faux plants bandwagon as I was for years. But faux plants and trees, just like artificial Christmas trees, have evolved so much over the years that they look real with no fuss or stress trying to keep them alive. I have several at CCC and love them.

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