Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Silver, Florida, and Humidity

Flower Magazine

Now that my Christmas decorations are put away, I have turned my attention to other projects around CCC. One is polishing all of my silver. Isn't this floral arrangement by Molly Copa and Hattie Sloane of Flower Fetish in Austin gorgeous? A silver Champagne bucket makes a beautiful container. You can read how to create it here in the wonderful Flower Magazine.

One thing I have really noticed here in South Florida is how incredibly quickly silver pieces tarnish. Did you know that high humidity causes silver to tarnish much faster? And of course Florida is one of the most humid states. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Hawaii have the highest relative humidity in the U.S. averaging in the 68% to 77% range. Many western states average around 50%.

My go-to silver polish is Goddard's Silver Polish Foam. Developed in 1847, this long lasting silver polish foam with sponge applicator removes tarnish without hard rubbing or scrubbing. It will leave everything silver in your home sparkling in no time. This is the polish most often used by antique experts.

Goddard's Silver Polish Foam

I also love Goddard's Silver Polishing Cloth for items like jewelry, quickly and gently removing tarnish and restoring luster. It is made of cotton and can be reused for months or years depending on your use.

Goddard's Silver Polishing Cloth


  1. I have always used Wrights paste. My mother and mother-in-law preferred it over Goddard's, but I may give Goddard's a try. I love beautiful silver & have many family pieces, but, as you pointed out, they tarnish so quickly here in Florida. My Virginia heritage won't give up on keeping these pieces.

    1. Like you, I was brought up using Wright's paste like my Mother used for 50 years. I'll give Goddard's a try as a comparison. I'm also from Virginia!

  2. Love this stunning arrangement and how to instructions - such great (new to me) tips, such as creating a ball of chicken wire and securing it inside your vessel with waterproof tape. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes, the pink arrangement in the silver vessel is gorgeous! I love its irregular shape, and I really love silver vases (trays & candle holders too). 💚 So beautiful with blue & white.

  4. Polished mine yesterday! 😄