Saturday, January 27, 2024

Pen Pals

Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pen

I always use January to do home organization projects and get a head start on Spring cleaning. I recently discovered these paint touch - up pens and love them! A must for anyone who wants to keep their walls and trim in perfect condition with no fuss or mess.

Say "goodbye" to those pesky dings, dents, and marks on your walls! The Touch-Up Paint Pen is the quick, convenient, and mess-free way to make color-matched paint touch-ups to scuffed walls, trim, cabinets, furniture...any painted surface. Use an included plastic syringe to fill your Touch-Up Paint Pens with your own paint straight from the paint can, attach the brush-tips, and you're ready to paint! Simply twist the end of the Touch-Up Paint Pen to dispense paint from the brush-tip. When you're finished painting, rinse the brush-tip with water to remove excess paint, and store the Touch-Up Paint Pens in your toolbox junk-drawer for next time! The patented airtight design keeps the paint fresh inside each pen for at least seven years, and the pens can be refilled too.

Set of 5 Slobproof Touch - Up Paint Pens

A complete set of five for under $19. These have been featured on Real Simple, Huffington Post, House and Home, CNBC, USA Today, and others.

Fills with any latex paint for quick and color-matched touch-ups to scuffs and scratches on walls, trim, ceiling and doors.

Patented air-tight design keeps paint fresh inside the pen for years of more crusty paint cans and brushes!

The ideal tool for detailed painting in hard-to-reach spots like windows, trim, cabinets and furniture.

Perfect for arts and crafts and home decorating. Works with all water-based craft paints.

100% recyclable materials, free of off-gassing or potentially harmful chemicals.

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  1. You are the best. Always get what I need and never know where to find. Black belt in shopping for sure.Thanks Beth