Friday, December 15, 2023

Playing Christmas Music

Tidbit Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I am hosting a Christmas party at my clubhouse tomorrow night and of course want to play Christmas music. I have Sirius XM and they have a ton of channels with holiday music. Many of you may have Spotify or Pandora.

I ordered this great little Bluetooth wireless portable speaker pictured above. It is waterproof. It is lightweight and portable. It has 24 hours of play time on a charge. The sound is rich and clear. The volume is great, filling a space with sound. It measures about 7" by 2" by 2". This pairs with your phone or any Bluetooth devices within a 100 foot range. 

The other night I was entertaining and used it in the kitchen while I was preparing the meal to stream Christmas songs, and then brought it out to the lanai where we dined.

Find it here.

This is great for a picnic, the beach, travel, by the pool or for your home to listen to tunes in any room. It would make a great Christmas gift. I have started using it to listen to podcasts. Is anyone else following the new podcast Who Killed JFK?

We have a tropical storm like Nor'Easter headed here tomorrow that hopefully will not impact my party. Basically 70 degrees but wind and rain. The biggest problem will likely be Christmas inflatables in peoples' yards. Santa may indeed be seen tomorrow night in the skies.


  1. Have a wonderful dinner party tomorrow! 🎄🥳🎄

  2. I have a Tribit and agree it is GREAT! Have a wonderful party