Thursday, December 21, 2023

Christmas @ CCC


My kitchen island at Christmas displays some of my collection of Juliska's Reindeer Games. I love this china - it comes in small plates, bowls, and cocktail napkins. I use it for serving dessert, hot chocolate, and Irish coffee or soup and nibbles.

It is unfortunately discontinued and hard to find, but so darling. Reindeer playing tennis, golf, soccer, skiing....I seem to have a knack for starting to collect china that gets discontinued. It has become very collectible.

Juliska Reindeer Games

I especially love the Comfort Bowls - they are great for hot chocolate.

Juliska Reindeer Games

Do any of you have this pattern?

This book by the creators of Juliska is a favorite of mine. It has wonderful ideas for setting the table and entertaining and would make a great gift.

Together at the Table by Capucine De Wulf Gooding and David Gooding


  1. I think everyone who subscribes to your blog shares a love of all things beautiful...and pretty. I love how you display all of your pretties. And why not -- why have them behind closed doors, although I suspect you have plenty there too. 💚 Merry merry!