Friday, November 3, 2023

The Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

Matthew Bees - House Beautiful

This year I am going to use a blue and white Chinese fishbowl for one of my Christmas trees. When I posted on this idea last year, several people wanted to know how to stabilize the tree - we don't want broken ornaments! 

To secure an artificial Christmas tree, first find a bucket which fits inside your Chinese fishbowl. Then get a piece of PVC tubing that the tree's bottom pole will slip into. Put the PVC piping in the middle of the bucket and fill the bucket with Quikrete. When dry, put the bucket in the fishbowl and inset the tree pole base. If there is space around the bucket, stuff with garbage bags or bubble wrap or Styrofoam. Top with sheet moss or whatever you like.

This extra effort is well worth it to make sure your tree is safe and stable. 

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Have a wonderful weekend. I have a Bourbon Tasting tonight, a Champagne Tasting tomorrow night, and an Italian dinner on Sunday. The weather is in the low 80s here and gorgeous. And we set our clocks back this Sunday so this weekend is an hour longer!


  1. I used this exact technique years ago for my faux tree. I can use it in a fishbowl or in my grandmother’s silver punch bowl, which is large enough to bathe a toddler. I cover the sakrete with either hundreds of small gold ornaments or draped silk. Always looks fabulous. Cheers!

  2. I used a FishBowl several years ago after seeing the Matthew Bees photo which gave me my inspiration. I did secure my tree with a bucket, pvc pipe and quickrete. To then make it disappear - I spray painted the interior of bucket & pvc pipe BLACK - worked like a charm :)