Saturday, November 25, 2023

Golden Antlers

Gold Antler Candlestick

Antlers are very Christmassy with Santa and his sleigh and reindeer and all. So antler candlesticks are perfect for the mantel, sideboard, or dining table.

I got a pair of these and they are a steal - $15.00 each. They look very high end. I plan to use them on the mantel for my Christmas party at my clubhouse and then at CCC on my dining table. Shipping is free with a $35.00 order.

Gold Antler Candlestick

I'm planning on using real beeswax tapers in them. These are on a great Black Friday sale.

7 Pairs Beeswax Tapers in White

I am doing more Christmas decorating today - so fun! Have you started?

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  1. My new Grandin Rd tree has been decorated for two weeks now (upstairs). Worked on downstairs decorating yesterday. Bedroom and home office today. Bought a beautiful burgundy and gold curtain tieback tassel from Amazon that arrived yesterday; looks great on a large armoire in the family room! Thank you for mentioning those recently.