Thursday, November 30, 2023

Christmas Preparations


A chilly start to the morning here, so Harper is wearing a sweater - actually a Ralph Lauren cashmere turtleneck on my little 4 pound angel. 

The house is all decorated for Christmas except for the tree that is going up today and tomorrow. Harper has promised to help.

My Christmas party is two weeks from Saturday, so I am finalizing everything. I have about 40 people coming. Among other libations, I will be having a Champagne bar where you can have a glass of Champagne, a Champagne Cocktail, or a Kir Imperial.

Kir Imperial - The Easiest and Best Christmas Cocktail/Aperitif - 

For a Kir Imperial, add half an ounce of Chambord Black Raspberry Liquer to a Champagne flute, fill with Champagne, then add a fresh raspberry or two.

Kir Imperial

Chambord Black Raspberry Liquer

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  1. Love this idea for Christmas! Kir Imperials it will be!!