Thursday, November 9, 2023

A Christmas Vignette

Flower Magazine

This is the beautiful cover of the November - December 2023 edition of Flower Magazine. I especially like the platter filled with pomegranates.

It has inspired me to do a Florida version. First, I would use my favorite large clamshell. This shell is so versatile - leave it as is as a decorative object or fill it with lemons, limes, orchids, guest soap, hand towels, tropical fruit, or smaller seashells.

Large Clamshell

Fill it with fresh pomegranates - 

Fresh Pomegranate

Or pomegranate ornaments -

Set of 6 Sugared Pomegranate Ornaments

Or these stunning silk velvet ones - 

Silk Velvet Pomegranates

Get 20% off your first order at Hot Skwash with code WELCOME20. They have stunning silk velvet fruits and vegetables. View them all here.


  1. Love this Beth! The ornaments and velvet ones are gorgeous.

  2. You are so good at sourcing all things for the home! Years ago I saw a twinkling Eiffel Tower Xmas outdoor decor, cannot find it now, have you ever seen this?

  3. That is a drop-dead gorgeous picture! I love the muted colours. I love pomegranates, too, but the ones here are genetically modified to the size of melons. I want normal sized ones.

    1. Pomegranates do naturally grow to up 5 inches or about the size of a grapefruit.