Tuesday, October 31, 2023

My Favorite Christmas Tree


Last year I bought an artificial Christmas tree that I absolutely love. You can see the post and lots of pictures here. "Our Noblis Fir Tree makes a fresh, stunning statement, and it's a cinch to decorate. The fresh-from-the-forest profile is a splendid tribute to the season, even undecorated. From the broad base to the open top, the sculpted boughs extend elegantly from the artfully exposed trunk. It's so realistic, we left it unlit so you can decide how natural you want it to be. Even the lightest layer of ornaments stands out among the sweeping branches."

By the time I put my tree up last year and posted on it, the tree had sold out. It is back this year and today only it is 31% off with free shipping. I bought it last year in the 8 foot version. I am buying a smaller one today for another spot at CCC I love this tree so much. This tree is a steal.

Unlit Noblis Fir Christmas Tree

You will note it does not come with lights. This has many advantages.

1. The tree is cheaper to buy.

2. You can use whatever lights you like - most artificial trees nowadays come with LED lights that I can't stand. I use traditional string Christmas lights (incandescents) that are so much warmer and prettier.

3. You can put on as many lights as you like or even leave it unlit. This tree is gorgeous even undecorated.

Unlit Noblis Fir Christmas Tree

4. Lights are the first thing to go bad on an artificial tree and when they are integrated into the tree they are almost impossible to replace. Not an issue with this tree.

The 31% off and free shipping is good on any item and ends at 11:59 tonight. The discount will appear in your cart. I love the way this tree looks so real and natural and shows off ornaments so beautifully. The smaller one I am ordering I am going to put in a blue and white Chinese fish bowl and will post on that project.

And Happy Halloween!


  1. Perfect timing! I was trying to convince myself to buy a similar tree from Balsam Hill this morning, but felt there had to be a better tree and a better DEAL out there. I just ordered the 6ft Noblis! Thank you!

  2. The tree is gorgeous. I truly love it with no lights on as well. Thank you for letting us know about your find. With all that is happening in the world having your tree up to enjoy longer is a good thing.