Saturday, October 28, 2023

More Entertaining Tips

Flamingo Guest Towels

The holidays and holiday parties are quickly approaching. Two pet peeves of mine are having to use bar soap or a communal cloth guest towel when I attend an event at someone's home. Here are my favorite alternatives.

I have been using this hand soap for ages and love it. The scent is unique and intoxicating and totally unisex.

Seda France Classic Toile Japanese Quince Hand Soap

Caspari's paper guest towels are the best - so elegant and they come in so many beautiful designs. Find the flamingo one featured at the top here.

Grand Palms Guest Towels

Zebras Guest Towels

Potted Palms Guest Towels

Delft Guest Towels

Blue Modern Moire Guest Towels

Aqua Gilded Majolica Guest Towels

Blue Tuscan Toile Guest Towels

Palm Fronds Guest Towels

Coral Guest Towels

Casper Gold Lacquer Guest Towel Holder


  1. Love all those featured designs!
    BTW I was at someone’s home and she used Caspari guest towels as napkins for a casual supper. I’ve never ever seen that done. Have you?

  2. These are amazing! Beth does it again!!