Friday, September 22, 2023

Color Palettes for Your Home

Roseate Spoonbill

To me, the best way to choose a color palette for your home is to look to the colors of nature right outside your door. Think of beach houses of blue and white and mountain cabins filled with warm wood tones.

South Florida homes often have color palettes of blue, green, and coral pink. This palette reflects the colors that surround us - the blues of the sky and ocean, the greens of the palm trees and lush lawns, and the pinks of our native wildlife and stunning sunsets. Not surprisingly, CCC is filled with blues, greens, and coral pink.


Green Sea Turtle

Interestingly, although people think of flamingos as being all over Florida, they are in fact nearly extinct here. Most flamingos are found in the Caribbean. After the recent Hurricane Idalia, flamingos appeared all over the Gulf Coast, having been blown off course. It is hoped they will stay and form bigger and bigger flocks and become a resident population again.


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  1. Though we can come close, I don't believe anyone can duplicate the beauty of nature. Gorgeous birds.