Saturday, July 15, 2023

The Canopy Bed

Amanda Lindroth

Growing up I really wanted a canopy bed. But a canopy bed was not my parents' aesthetic in their mid century modern home and I never had one. So as an adult I bought my dream canopy bed - a gold leaf pagoda canopy bed.

This is my same bed in Annie Selke's home.

Annie Selke - Traditional Home

I have always had the canopy bare, but I quite like the canopy dressed in Amanda Lindroth's home in the Bahamas. Query - doesn't the tented canopy fabric trap hot air and doesn't it prevent you from feeling the ceiling fan breeze? I run my ceiling fan in the bedroom all night every night here in Venice, Florida.

BTW, I love this ceiling fan that I put in all my bedrooms. It is elegant which is saying something for a ceiling fan and whisper quiet. This is a great price and free shipping - click the link.

Hunter Hepburn Modern Brass Ceiling Fan

"With its vintage-inspired round globe light, the Hepburn's design captures the essence of the 1920s while embracing modern touches. Create the ideal ambiance with the energy-efficient, dimmable LED bulb and get whisper-quiet performance and ultra-powerful air movement with the reversible, three-speed WhisperWind® motor. The contemporary finish will fit famously in your formal yet modern bedroom, but the simplicity and thoughtful proportions of the Hepburn chandelier ceiling fan will make it the perfect centerpiece of any space! The Hepburn modern ceiling fan is available in a variety of finishes including Modern Brass and Satin Copper."

I love it in the Modern Brass. It is available in a 44" and 52" (width) depending on the size of your rooms. I recommend the 52" for anything but tiny bedrooms. Extension downrods are available for taller ceilings like mine. You want the ceiling fan to hang no lower than 7' and no higher than 9.' Over 9' you will not get good air flow.


  1. I too had a mother whose design sensibilities leaned towards the more clean and modern, while I loved Mario Buatta. I love your canopy bed, Beth, and I recall that you have posted about it before. I almost bought that exact bed, but decided against it because at the time my life was in transition and I was not sure where I would be living. Unfortunately, I don't think that bed is available anymore. Even though I live in northern California, I also have ceiling fans in all of my bedrooms, and in my sun room - after all, the world is getting warmer. During summer nights, I open all my upstairs windows and turn them on. I can hear the owls, tree frogs and night creatures. It's like escaping to another world.

  2. Your bed is gorgeous and I like it better without a canopy. In addition to blocking the air from the fan (which we also run nightly in California) I see it as a dust trap and can't imagine trying to vacuum it. Sometimes simpler is better.

  3. I love a canopy bed but I grew up in a mid century very modern home! I wonder now that I am in my 70s if I would be concerned about dust on the fabric canopy. I know my ceiling fan has to be cleaned frequently. I like the look of the bed as is!

  4. I’ve been searching for a bed just like yours…to no avail.

  5. Sadly, that Annie Selke bed is no longer manufactured and, for me, is the one that got away. It couldn’t fit up the stairs in my previous home. I’ve never understood why it was discontinued. It is perfection!